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Planeiler Alm

Starting from Mals train station, this tour heads north through the village center onto the old country road towards Planeil. At the bridge in front of Punihof, turn right and follow the signs. Some rather steep forest paths await on this route along the northern slope below Spitzige Lun (2,324 m). The journey continues through the mostly solitary valley via the alpine trail. After several steeper ascents, a well-deserved break awaits at the managed Planeiler Alm. The award-winning cheeses and the view of the untouched nature certainly make for a rewarding experience.
For the return journey, follow the forest road towards Alsack, which then descends quite steeply into the village. Via the asphalt road through Ulten, you'll reach the starting point in Mals again.

Glurnser Köpfl Alm

Passing through the Tauferer Gate, the southern city gate, you will leave the beautiful medieval town of Glurns. Passing by the Parish Church of St. Pankrazius, you cross the main street and turn into Treiweg. After a few hundred meters following the road towards Martinskirchlein, continue left on the pleasantly laid out Almenweg. After approximately 1,000 meters of ascent through a shade-providing forest, you reach the unmanaged Glurnser Alm at 1,978 meters, offering a splendid panorama and a view of the towering Glurnser Köpfl above. Relax in front of the hut with your self-brought snack (Marende) before heading back towards the Vinschgau cultural meadows via the forest path.

Schlanders der Etsch entlang

From Glurns, follow the Adige River eastward towards the fish ponds in Spondigna. Turn right onto Path No. 10 towards the sports area in Prato, then into the town center, approximately 1 km towards Spondigna. Next, turn right onto a field path until you reach Tschengelser Straße and then head to Tschengels. Continue downhill to Schgumserhof, then to Laas, following the railway line and the Adige River to Göflan. Finally, reach the center of Schlanders, the main town of Vinschgau, effortlessly. For those with the energy and desire, you can follow the return route along the Adige River until just before Eyrs, cross the state road, and follow it to Spondigna. Follow the Stelvio Pass road to Prato, take Path No. 10 to the fish ponds, and return to the starting point in Glurns.

Uinaschlucht und Schweizer Almen Tour

In Burgeis, the adventure of Uinas Gorge begins. Passing by the Marienberg Monastery, the paved road leads to Schlinig. Along the cross-country ski trail, we pass by the Outer and Inner Alm. Now, it's time to push for about 200 vertical meters. Once you've overcome the head of the valley, you ride on a cart path to the Sesvenna Hut at 2,256 m. After a rest, the route continues flat to the Schlinig Pass. After crossing the I-CH border, well-maintained trails lead to the Uinas Gorge. Please do not overestimate your skills, as mistakes are not forgiven here. Once you've passed the gorge, the Uina Valley opens up, extending all the way to Engadin. Following the River Inn, you ride along the bike path to Scuol. Downhill enthusiasts should make a detour to the bike park here. From Scuol, a winding road leads up to 1600 m. To Scarl, it's several kilometers but only 200 vertical meters. From Scarl, the route continues through various Swiss alpine meadows to the Astra Alm. Subsequently, you reach another 2,200 m before descending to Lü in the Münster Valley. Returning to Italy, you reach the starting point via Laatsch and Schleis.

Vinschgau Cycle Path

The Vinschgau Cycle Path extends from Reschen to Meran and is one of the most beautiful and diverse cycling routes in South Tyrol. Naturally, you can also start the tour directly in Glurns, as the route takes you through the medieval town. The cycle path is well-developed, signposted, and primarily paved. If you prefer not to cycle back from Merano, you can conveniently take your bicycle on the Vinschger Bahn. Alternatively, equipped with the "Rail and Bike Card," you can rent a bicycle (for example, at Mals train station), return it at any station with bicycle rental, and travel back to your starting point with the Vinschger Bahn.

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