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Convent of St. John in Müstair (CH) - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Convent of St. John in Müstair (CH) - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The history of the St. John Abbey in Müstair dates back over 1200 years. Built around 775 in the early Medieval triangle and donated by Charlemagne, it was an important political, economic and religious base of both the Frankish Empire and the bishopric of Chur. In 1983 the St. John Abbey in Müstair was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. It is the most important church of the first millennium AD in Switzerland, and has the largest well-preserved fresco cycle dating to the Carolingian period.

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Marienberg Abbey in Burgusio/Burgeis

Marienberg Abbey in Burgusio/Burgeis

Visible from afar, the mighty Benedictine Abbey of Marienberg, built in 1146, is located on a hillside above Burgusio. It is the highest situated monastery in Europe. The bright white building with its high and windowless rich facade seems more like a fortress than a monastery. Particularly not to be missed are the round archway portal and the Romanesque crypt with Byzantine style frescoes, and the three-aisled Baroque abbey church.

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Coira Castle above Sluderno/Schluderns

Above Sluderno in sunny Upper Venosta Valley rises Coira Castle, Churburg in German, one of the best-preserved castle complexes in South Tyrol. This fortified structure was built in 1259 and since 1504 has been owned by the Counts of Trapp. The residence-like Renaissance castle has a beautiful arcade courtyard and splendid premises containing several architectural gems, such as the Jakob Room, the Matscher Hall and the old Romanesque chapel. The huge medieval armory is of worldwide reputation, being the largest collection of its kind in private possession, and including custom armor belonging to the former owners of incomparable artistic handicraft quality.

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