Take a tour of discovery through the little town in the Alps

Our tour guides will be delighted to take you on a sightseeing tour through Glorenza as there is much to discover and learn. The medieval town walls, the towers, the parapet walks, the town gates and the distinguished houses dating back to the 16th century paint a canvas of an intriguing and lively history. Tales from the town’s glory days as a local trading post, the curious case of a horde of mice, recollections of the Glorenza painter Paul Flora, and many other anecdotes will entertain you on your tour through the smallest town in South Tyrol.

Events and festivals
Throughout the year, many great events and festivals take place in Glorenza/Glurns.
Paul Flora
The famous artist and illustrator and his deep-rooted bond with the little town of ...
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The little town of Glorenza
A unique jewel with medieval town walls and fortified towers.
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Letters from Glorenza

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